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MidoNet はソフトウェアベースで高度に分散化されたネットワーク仮想化システムです。企業やサービスプロバイダーは、高度な管理化システムやフレクシビリティを持ちながら仮想ネットワークを構築・運営・管理することができます。

MidoNet は、業界標準に則りながらも既存の物理インフラを活用することによりコスト削減をしつつネットワークの安定性、拡張性と性能を高めることが可能です。



Running applications in virtual machines that are tied to a traditional physical networks is like putting a race car in a traffic jam. Using software to create virtual representations of your network devices and topology decouples your network from its hardware, and puts your application on the race track.


Reduce OpEx and CapEx

  • No need to purchase expensive networking hardware
  • Ease of management using single pane of glass

Build highly scalable networks

  • “Controller at the edge” as opposed to a centralized controller allows higher scalability of the network

Reduce time to market for applications

  • Provision networks for applications in a matter of seconds
  • Allows live “network migration” anywhere in the datacenter

Build fully automated virtualized and cloud environments

  • Policy based provisioning allows automated provisioning of networks
  • Neutron APIs can be used to program provisioning of the network

For more details information, please refer to our  Business Whitepaper

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